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Why You Should Have A Social Media Video Made

Social Media Video

Browse through your Facebook feed. Right now, I dare you. What do you see?

If you're anything like me, every second post is a video. You've got subtitled stories, fancy promos, and everything in between. In this day and age, it's important to create content that competes with the rest of the videos on social media platforms.

Blast From The Past

I remember when Facebook was nothing but a vast expanse of people typing their daily updates. You could type in what you were eating, watching, and doing. Then came twitter.

The photos feature came in soon after, people could suddenly take photos of what they were doing instead of typing! Such a eye-catcher! Now, the majority of posts on social media platforms are accompanied by a photo. Or they just wont survive. Instagram is a spin-off of this. And a great way to cultivate a business.

Now the switch to video has begun and you want to be on the cutting edge of it. Don't you?

Facebook Video

Facebook is investing a large amount of time and profits towards making your online viewing experience amazing. With the instant play feature, you have no choice but to be awed by that video of Danny down the road playing plastic buckets as drums.

But seriously... That same feature is the reason why creating a social media video is important. With a few social media techniques you can have peoples eyes on your products, services, and brand story.

If you have a properly, well-made, subtitled video on your page, people are more likely to engage. Every single video that I've posted to different social media pages have a had the same effect. At least 3 times more engagement than simple photo sharing. Videos are more shareable, and shareable content increases your organic reach, deeming you a champion of social media. Put it this way, if you have your business on social media, create a video and make an impact.

Video is storytelling. People like stories.

You can tell the story of how your business was created. You can tell the story of how your products are made. There are so many stories that you can tell through video. Video is storytelling. People like stories.

These days so much of our business is done online. The more connected we are with our customers, the more likely they are to use our services and products. A video is an amazing way to make a long lasting relationship with your customers. To create a picture of who you are is the perfect introduction to your business. Clients want businesses they can trust. So go ahead and make that introduction through a video.

PS: Contact me if you want to brainstorm.

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