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Erica Sorensen
Based in Squamish, BC, CANADA



I am an import from Northern Ontario, and love anything to do with adventure and the outdoors. I lived in Squamish BC for 7 years and am currently living in Gilmour Ontario.

I studied digital film production at Langara College in Vancouver BC, and have a Bachelor of Arts in English Rhetoric and Media Studies.

During my time in Squamish I worked for - a digital online magazine encompassing Squamish adventure and culture, and Socially Robyn & Co - an online social media marketing agency. 


Through these companies I've gained first hand experience about what content works and doesn't work on your website and social media. As well as a good grasp on social media analytics, SEO, and best online photo & video practices.


You can contact me about any creative content idea that you may have. I would love to help you create the perfect content for your brand. 




Tel. 613.553.2400

Based in Gilmour ON



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